Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology


Cemafroid – TECNEA: an old experience

Cemafroid is the center of expertise in cold chain and refrigeration.

With over 60 years of experience in cold chain, Cemafroid is an independent and private company. Refrigeration and cold chain occupy a really important place in the economy and European industry.

Vision, missions and values

Refrigeration is the guarantee of quality and security in food and health sectors and allows for the well-being of people while respecting the environment.

With over 40 % of global agricultural produces and up to 50% of vaccines deteriorated in the world, it is an increasing challenge to be able to feed and heal 9 billion people by 2050 and respect the earth by obliging professionals to master cold chain and refrigeration.

Cemafroid is the independent expert of refrigeration. We bring our expertise for the choice, management and the control of the cold chain, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

We help our clients to improve their economic and ecological performances and in reduce their risks.

The technical professionals of Cemafroid share their knowledge, experience and expertise with the values of impartiality and independence to answer the clients needs with reactivity and to offer them high quality of service