Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology


As part of the ELICiT Project Work Packages, the following public deliverables are now available:   Work Package 5: Dissemination D5.1 Initial Dissemination and Communication Plan D5.2 Creation of the ELICiT Website D5.3 First Project Newsletter (Year 1)   More […]

IIR Working Group

The IIR Working Party on Magnetic Cooling was established in 2003 with the main objectives of adding new results to currently applied design knowledge and to help improve this new technology by mutual exchange of know-how. Another objective is to […]

Work Packages

The ELICiT Project is rooted in six strongly intertwined work packages conceived to ensure a timely and successful outcome. WP1 covers two system optimisation phases: The first phase focuses on improving overall system performance by 25%. Each of the components […]