Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology

ELICiT at the FRISBEE Demonstration Day

For the official closing of the FRISBEE project on 29 August, project coordinator IRSTEA organized “FRISBEE Demonstration Day” at head offices in Antony, near Paris. Each consortium partner had the opportunity to disseminate  research outcomes to  over 130 participants from research, industry, government and the press.

technology Readiness Level scale
Alessandro Pastore, from Camfridge, during the FRISBEE Demonstration Day

During the parallel session “Synergy European Projects”, Alessandro Pastore, ELICiT partner from Camfridge, highlighted the Technology Readiness Level n.4 (i.e. technology validated in lab) reached by magnetic refrigeration technology for domestic appliances  within FRISBEE. He went on to explain how these results represent valuable input to the ELICiT project, enabling them to move upwards along the technology Readiness Level scale.

Pastore also introduced the audience to the ELICiT website inviting listeners to subscribe to the newsletter.

Ina Colombo explaining  ELICiT brochure.

Ina Colombo promotes ELICiT at FRISBEE.

Furthermore, Ina Colombo, IIR Deputy Director, promoted IIR services and activities,  seizing the occassion to underline the IIR’s involvement in the EU Project ELICiT.

The FRISBEE Demonstration Day was a great networking event for all who attended!

Congratulations to IRSTEA for organizing this outstanding day!