Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology


Be sure to attend the workshop on the EU Project ELICiT taking place at the 6th International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration to be held at the Victoria Conference Centre in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada from 7 to 10 September 2014.

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The workshop will take place on Tuesday, 9 September from 4-5 pm, and is open to THERMAG conference attendees.

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The THERMAG Conferences
THERMAG has traditionally been the venue for near room temperature applications such as refrigeration, heat pumps, and chillers. As in previous years, the meeting consists of parallel sessions focusing on magnetocaloric materials and systems.

New to THERMAGVI is an enhanced scope which includes materials and applications covering all temperature ranges. This allows for coverage of new applications such as gas liquefaction systems as well as thermally driven magnetic heat engines.

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