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ELICiT at THERMAGVII – Attend the 3rd and final workshop

Be sure to attend the 3rd and final workshop on the EU Project ELICiT taking place during the 7th International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration (THERMAGVII) to be held at the Torino Incontra conference centre in Turin, Italy, from 11 to 14 September 2016.


The workshop will take place on Wednesday 14 September from 13:30 to 15:30.

It is open to all THERMAGVII conference attendees and anyone else that would like to attend, including those not attending the conference.


Workshop Agenda

Duration Presentation
10 mins Presentation of the ELICiT project by the project coordinator Raffaele Paganini (Whirlpool R&D)
15 mins Magnetic cooling engine for domestic refrigeration appliances Alessandro Pastore  (Camfridge)
15 mins Heat Exchangers Marcel van Beek
15 mins Metal Foam: Manufacturing and thermal application Stefano Guarino
15 mins Magnetic refrigeration for domestic appliances : Regulatory challenges Thomas Michineau & Gérald Cavalier
15 mins Life Cycle Thinking Approach Applied to the Refrigeration Industry Rossella Luglietti
30 mins Questions/Answers Ina Colombo


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Catch up on what happened at the workshop: ELICIT: A great success at ThermagVII


The THERMAG Conferences
THERMAG has traditionally been the venue for near room temperature applications such as refrigeration, heat pumps, and chillers. As in previous years, the meeting consists of parallel sessions focusing on magnetocaloric materials and systems.

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