Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology

ELICiT partners meet up in Cambridge

From 18 to 19 September, the ELICiT consortium held their first progress meeting since the kick off meeting in February 2014 in Milan.

Organised by Camfridge, the nine consortium partners met at Trinity Hall College in Cambridge for two days of meetings to discuss developments in the research as well as obstacles and next steps.

Project coordinator, Raffaele Paganini from Whirlpool, was more than satisfied with current headway made in the partners’ work. Additionally, energy performance optimisation of the pump and the heat exchanger, from TCS Micropumps  and Re/Gent respectively, show favourable progress.

Likewise, Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) presented a meticulous outline of the life cycle assessment principal in order to obtain relevant information from the partners to carry out the assessment.

Overall, the consortium was pleased with the outcome of the meeting and looks forward to continuing positive advancement. The next progress meeting is planned for January 2015 at IIR headquarters in Paris.