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ELICiT presents results at 18-month technical review

The ELICiT project 18-month technical review by appointed EU Commission reviewer of consortium held in Cambridge on 13 November 2015

On 13 November 2015, the technical reviewer appointed by the European Commission visited the Camfridge Ltd. head office in Cambridge, UK, to assess the work carried out within the framework of the ELICiT project.

The EU project routine meeting was the occasion to present the results of the first 18 months of the project achieved by the ELICiT consortium composed of 9 partners, located in 5 European countries.

“I always found the half-project meetings with the external technical reviewer appointed by the EU Commission highly rewarding for all the partners. In particular, in this case it was really fascinating to have the opportunity not only to go through the deliverables and the project plan, but also to show in one place all the pieces of hardware so far developed under the project by all partners” said Neil Wilson, CEO of Camfridge, adding “the high collaborative spirit among the partners clearly transpired from every single piece shown.”

The EU Commission technical reviewer came to the meeting having carefully studied all the relevant documents about the project. “This definitely made the meeting very productive as we had the opportunity to integrate the already presented results in the deliverables of the project, with written material about how the project will move forward in the second half of its life, as well as the pieces of hardware so far developed,” said Raffaele Paganini who, on behalf of Whirlpool R&D, led the meeting as a Project Coordinator.

At the end of the meeting, the EU reviewer was very satisfied and impressed by the high quality of the material and evidence provided during the meeting, now being able to provide the technical review report of the project to the EU Commission Project Officer.

“The public results of project will be communicated, as usual, through the project newsletter and website as well as at the 7th International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature (Thermag VII), which will be held in Turin, Italy, from 11-14 September 2016” said Ina Colombo, Deputy Director of the International Institute of Refrigeration; ELICiT partner in charge of dissemination activities, who also attended the meeting in Cambridge.


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