Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology

ELICiT receives a warm welcome at THERMAGVI!

The buzz created around ELICiT shows a promising future for magnetic cooling in domestic refrigeration.

On 10 September, the first ELICiT workshop took place in Victoria, B.C. Canada. Held at the Victoria Conference Center during the IIR conference THERMAGVI, this highly successful event welcomed over 40 participants from around the globe.

Presentations sparked a round of questions for the four consortium partners present (Whirlpool, Cemafroid, Camfridge, and the IIR) and generated interest in specific standards for magnetic refrigeration.

Andrea Olivani, Whirlpool, presented a brief overview of ELICiT and their contribution as an industrial partner and project leader.

Antony Barbier showcased Cemafroid’s activities and analysis of Magnetic Refrigerator compliance with existing regulations and standards. This follows the company’s long term objective to develop, along with the IIR working party, initial standards for domestic refrigerators using magnetic cooling technology in order to favour market uptake of this new technology.

Alessandro Pastore from Camfridge highlighted the machine development so far and the need to push the technology level forward, including future standards for magnetic refrigeration. Pastore outlined the low-cost, drastically reduced rare-earth Camfridge’s magnetic refrigeration solution  provides as well as additional steps before accessing the domestic refrigeration market.

Didier Coulomb, IIR Director, presented ELICiT’s communication and dissemination activities while also focusing on future collaboration between the IIR Working Party on Magnetic Refrigeration and Cemafroid during the standardization phase of the project. Justine Evans, IIR Communications Manager, summarized the project’s global communication strategy encouraging listeners to join online discussions.

The ELICIT workshop was an exceptional occasion, not only to present the project to the THERMAG community, but to highlight  the European Union project framework as a world class scheme to push magnetic refrigeration technology forward to the marketplace.

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