Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology

ELICiT pulls in the crowds at ICR2015!

Once again the ELICiT project on magnetic cooling proved attractive to attendees at ICR2015 in Yokohama.

On 21 August, the second ELICiT workshop took place in Yokohama, Japan, during the 24th International Congress of Refrigeration. Held at the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center, the workshop welcomed over 70 participants from around the globe.

Moderated by Didier Coulomb, General Director of the IIR, the presentations covered the progress made by three of the consortium partners (Camfridge, Re/gent and Cemafroid) towards a domestic refrigerator using magnetic cooling technology.

Alessandro Pastore from Camfridge presented ELICiT components optimization towards performance achievements made over the last 18 months. So far:

  • Hot and cold exchangers have been implemented that meet the specifications required.
  • The in-production appliance cabinet has been modified with the optimised heat exchangers.
  • The magnetic cooling engine now incorporates the latest generation of magnetic regenerators, delivered using scalable manufacturing processes.

Marcel Van Beek from Re/gent, consortium partner for technology development, presented the heat exchanger designed for minimum temperature lift. He also detailed current typical HEX designs for domestic cold appliances which was followed by designs to be considered as next step.

Gérald Cavalier showcased Cemafroid’s activities and analysis of Magnetic Refrigerator compliance with existing regulations and standards followed by a draft test methodology for prototype benchmarking. This follows the company’s long term objective to develop, along with the IIR working group, initial standards for domestic refrigerators using magnetic cooling technology in order to favour market uptake of this new technology.

The second ELICiT workshop was a unique opportunity for consortium partners to present the project to an international audience as well as to underline the European Union project framework as a world class scheme to push magnetic refrigeration technology forward to the marketplace.

Download the presentations:


We can’t wait for the third and last ELICiT workshop at THERMAGVII in Turin, Italy, where further results will be presented! Find out more.