Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology


The ELICiT Project partners, a group of highly qualified industrial and academic research organizations,  were specifically affiliated to reach the project goals.

This project was envisaged to enable close cooperation and a win-win approach between universities, research centres, and Small Medium and Large enterprises in the field of magnetic refrigeration.

All the ELICiT partners have a strong experience in publicly funded projects, both at a European and a national level, with high innovative and application capabilities, and are able to provide relevant contributions throughout the project.

The involvement of a balanced mix of small companies and large players in the field of magnetic refrigeration ensures a far-reaching range of available competencies. Furthermore industrial know-how is robustly backed by research institutes that support the project development.

Whirlpool Europe (industrial partner) Thanks to a longstanding experience in managing complex projects as well as publicly funded projects, Whirlpool will act as Project Coordinator. Furthermore, Whirlpool Europe will guide the project development setting requirements and targets magnetic refrigeration technology has to address in order to favour rapid market uptake.

Camfridge, Re/gent, TCS Micropumps and Whirlpool R&D and S.C.I.R.E act as technology developers. They will bring to the project all the competences required

  • to further develop the technological components needed to make magnetic refrigeration a commercially viable technology (Camfridge, Re/gent, TCS Micropumps and S.C.I.R.E),
  • to guarantee the integration of the component into the final system (Whirlpool R&D).

Politecnico di Milano will develop lifecycle models to drive the optimization of designed components and the entire system throughout its lifecycle, enabling the consortium to make decisions on the total cost of magnetic refrigeration technology in different life stages.

Cemafroid brings to the project relevant experience on standardization. It will validate the project development  in terms of standards in order to have adequate data and information to favour market uptake of the new technology.

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), a leading independent intergovernmental science and technology based organization, will ensure the project communication activities and dissemination of results to a wide audience. Additionally, the IIR Working Party on Magnetic Refrigeration will collaborate with Cemafroid during the standardization phase of the project.

PSU Tec, a well-known project management company with significant expertise in the management of EU funded programmes, will support the project coordinator and partners in the management of administrative and financial aspects, in order to guarantee the compliance of the ELICiT Project with European Commission guidelines.