Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology

What is the ELICiT Project?

ELICiT “Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology” is a  European Union
Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7).

The 3 year research project, begun in January 2014, will help efficient gas‐free
magnetic cooling move from a laboratory scale technology to a high‐volume
marketable product.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are currently developing this technology
to eventually be used by global appliance manufacturers.

The ELICiT Project focuses on the application of magnetic cooling technology to
domestic refrigeration appliances. It aims to:

  • enhance collaboration between SMEs and global appliance
  • draw on expertise found in universities, research centres,
  • collaborate with the only independent intergovernmental science and
    technology based organization in the refrigeration field – the
    International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR).

The ELICiT Project: Objectives

The main objective of the ELICiT Project is to consider the magnetic cooling
solution in its entirety, and to optimize the complete magnetic cooling solution
as an integrated appliance.

To achieve this the project focuses on 4 key aspects:

  1. Life Cycle Optimization – to provide production, cost and environmental
    data to aid system optimization and inform decision making
  2. System Optimization ‐ to evolve a solution that is production scalable,
    efficient, cost‐effective and environmentally friendly
  3. Benchmarked Validation – to establish the energy efficiency credentials
    of the technology
  4. Regulations and Standards – to ensure the technology complies with
    existing regulations, and to establish how the new technology will fit
    into standards