Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology

IIR Working Group

The IIR Working Party on Magnetic Cooling was established in 2003 with the main objectives of adding new results to currently applied design knowledge and to help improve this new technology by mutual exchange of know-how. Another objective is to promote positive developments of magnetic cooling systems.
Positive efforts will be achieved by:

• Collecting reliable experimental material
• Listing and studying current scientific and technical problems
• Initiating joint research projects with funding for IIR workshops (see the remainder)
• Establishing and continuously updating a reference list of research publications on magnetic cooling systems. A link with the IIR Information Resources Department will be established
• Initiating demonstration plants to prove the reliability of systems and to emphasize the significance of magnetic cooling systems to the refrigeration industry

ELICiT Project and standardisations
The Working Party on Magnetic Cooling will collaborate with the ELICiT Project  to elaborate a qualification procedure and standard for magnetic cooling refrigerators.

Several issues to be addressed

• Ensure that magnetic cooling technology complies with existing standards and regulations.
• Define how magnetic cooling will fit into the existing appliance energy labelling scheme.
• Propose a standardised test method allowing appliance manufacturers to compare different magnetic solutions from different suppliers.
• Validate this protocol with real tests.

A draft standard
Based on results obtained, a draft standard will be written on the basis of the CEN editorial guidelines in order to quickly launch a standardization task force.

The draft standard will be submitted to an international group of magnetic cooling experts through the IIR Working Party on Magnetic Cooling in order to obtain an approval (technical consensus) from worldwide stakeholders.

About IIR Working Parties
Members of working parties are IIR members from industry, university and research-centre settings or are refrigeration practitioners. IIR working parties operate on a temporary basis to unite specialists around a project focusing on present-day refrigeration topics.

A working party has 3 specific objectives:

  1. to promote development,
  2. to provide knowledge, and
  3. to give recommendations in the selected theme.

They achieve this by holding regular conferences and workshops, writing publications and drafting recommendations.
See the Terms of Reference of the IIR Working Party on Magnetic Cooling: IIR Working Party on Magnetic Cooling